Our Services

Business evaluation

Before jumping to a solution, part of our services includes taking the time with you to truly understand the possible risks you face. We evaluate your risks together, as well as things you could do to mitigate them prior to tailoring an insurance solution. Upon renewal, we complete a review to determine what’s changed over the course of the year that you might not have already mentioned (perhaps you have a new machine, or you’re no longer storing a huge quantity of stock), and help you understand how that might impact your insurance needs.

Risk assessment

Insurance is just one facet of your total risk management strategy. We can help you understand the specific risks you face, and what options you have to mitigate them, whether it’s through a change in process, increased education, and what kind of insurance safety net you need.

Personalised service

We’ve been in the insurance industry for more than 30 years. The reason we’ve been a strong, sustainable business is because we know, understand and care about our clients. 

Free, no obligation quote

Even if you already have insurance, it’s good practice to get another opinion so you have something to compare it to. We can discuss your current insurance and help analyse whether you’ve got the right cover at a reasonable price.

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